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Mavic Cosmic Carbone 60 Clincher Road Wheelset inc Tyres

Mavic Cosmic Carbone 60 Clincher Road Wheelset inc Tyres

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Option: Pair - M11- Shimano Freehub MPN: 354678
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Option: Pair - ED11- Campag Freehub MPN: 354679
Our Price £1,799.00

Description: Mavic Cosmic Carbone 60 Clincher Wheelset inc Tyres

Mavic Cosmic Carbone 60 Clincher Road Wheelset inc Tyres

The WTS that flows as a single unit, for triathlon, sprints and hilly races

The race proven CX01 Technology now available in 60mm for all kind of races. The integrated wheel-tyre system cheats the wind. Visible, impactful and respected by the world’s most famous wind tunnels. Saving time and watts in all conditions.

1825 g pair without tyre > 820 g front / 1005 g rear
2515 g WTS > 1165 g front / 1350 g rear

The 60mm wheel-tyre-system with the lowest drag and crosswind resistance
•N.A.C.A. inspired rim-tyre profile
•60mm deep dish rim with CX01 Blades to unify tyre and rim
•Low wind lateral resistance

Exceptional stiffness and low weight
•60 mm extra wide full carbon rim profile
•16/20 stainless steel double-butted spokes
•Stiff aluminum axles and large bearings

The ease of use on an Exalith clincher rim
•Exalith 2: 18% shorter braking distance in both dry and wet conditions
•Full clincher tyre compatibility


Mavic CX01 Technology delivers an integrated Wheel-Tyre System that smoothes air flow around the tyre and wheel and improves laminar airflow at every yaw angle. It enables Cosmic CXR wheels to deliver the lowest aerodynamic drag ever measured on a road Wheel-Tyre System.
• Minimizes turbulence at rim/tire interface to reduce aerodynamic drag
•Saves time at every yaw angle

GripLink + PowerLink

The Right Link, speed and control A front tyre must provide a maximum grip to ensure good control and safe cornering. A rear tyre must maximize the energy transferred to the road and minimize the rolling resistance.
•GripLink : maximum grip
• PowerLink : maximum power transfer