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Mavic Crossone MTB Wheelset (all sizes)

Mavic Crossone MTB Wheelset (all sizes)

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Options: 26" Pair- 9mm Standard Qr MPN: 354036
Our Price £160.00
Options: 26" Pair- 15mm Qr MPN: 356638
Our Price £160.00
Options: 650B Pair- 9mm Standard Qr | MPN: 356074
Our Price £165.00
Options: 650B Pair - 15mm Qr MPN: 356641
Our Price £165.00
Options: 29er Pair- 9mm Standard Qr MPN: 354026
Our Price £165.00
Options: 29er Pair - 15mm Qr MPN: 356644
Our Price £165.00

Description: Mavic Crossone MTB Wheelset

Mavic Crossone MTB Wheelset

Years of wheel systems development enable us to bring expertise to all levels. All the components are engineered together to ensure maximum reliability and the feel a true wheel system. Simple and reliable: Crossone.

Weight: 1885 grams (pair of wheel)

•FTS-X: Force Transfer System X - A further improved FTS free wheel system to meet the demand of intensive MTB riding as closely as possible to make the freewheel mecanism even more hard wearing.


•Shape: straight pull, round
•Count: 24 front and rear
•Lacing: front and rear crossed 2
•Nipples: brass, ABS
•Material: steel

•Joint: pinned
•Recommended tyre sizes: 1.5 to 2.3
•Disc brake specific profile
•Internal width: 19 mm
•Tyre: tubetype
•Drilling: traditional
•Valve hole diameter: 8,5 mm with pop off reducer

•Front and rear bodies: aluminum
•Body: aluminum

•BR101 quick releases
•User guide
•Rim tape
•Valve reducer