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Stages Cycling Dash GPS Cycle Computer

Stages Cycling Dash GPS Cycle Computer
Stages Cycling Dash GPS Cycle Computer
Stages Cycling Dash GPS Cycle Computer

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Stages Cycling Dash GPS Cycle Computer
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Description: Stages Cycling Dash GPS Cycle Computer

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The Stages Cycling Dash GPS Cycling Computer is the ultimate training aid, providing a wide range of metrics to base their training around, and thanks to the ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart compatibility, you can connect each and every one of your sensors for a more in-depth understanding of your performance. Housed in a machined alloy casing for increased durability and full weather proof protection, all whilst the screen is forward lit to provide crystal clear clarity in the sunniest of conditions.

The long anticipated Stages Cycling Dash GPS Cycle Computer is perhaps the most refined mass market head unit ever created and comes from one of the brands already firmly rooted and proven in the realm of power metering and measurement. Equipping you with the ability to view the crucial metrics of your performance and offering a fully customisable display that can pull up to 16 data field points to display at any one time, if remaining informed on your output is the goal, the Dash is simply supreme.

Conceived not as a navigation tool, but, moreover, a powerful training tool, the Stages Dash provides the cyclist with a portrait or landscape mountable ANT+ and Bluetooth compatible head unit that shows the key data you need to go further, faster and better each time you get out on the bike.

IPX7 water resistant and with a button push interface to avoid the struggles of use with gloves or in the wet, the Stages Dash offers a fully customisable front facing interface and a 240 x 400 pixel resolution. Forward lit and equipped with an anti-glare coating and a high contrast display, you can be assured of a clear vision in all lighting conditions.

Designed to be future-proof and with firmware upgrades allowing for improved versatility, this head unit offers a 25-hour battery life at a reasonable level of usage, and, with GPS and Bluetooth, allows you to record the path, altitude and course of your ride, whilst introducing technologies such as lap and segment comparisons. Able to offer navigation and directions when partnered with your phone, this head unit is versatile.

Perhaps the key selling point of the Dash though is its partnership with the online training platform, known as the Stages Link. With a purchase including 3 months free use, this online web platform allows the rider a detailed analysis of their performance whilst mapping out honed training schedules for the rider to follow on the course up to their big day. Working as a personal online trainer, this is an innovative and comprehensive approach to data in cycling, and one that will revolutionise the way you ride.

Full Specification: Stages Cycling Dash GPS Cycle Computer

  • Landscape or portrait mode for multiple bike options
  • Up to 16 data fields per screen, with 5 screens per profile
  • Split screen options
  • Multiple bike profiles
  • 2.7” LCD display with 240 x 400 pixel resolution, and anti-glare coating
  • Fully weatherproof with an IPX7 water resistance rating
  • Aluminum chassis for a solid construction
  • 25-30 hour battery life with micro-USB charging
  • Wired or wireless data transfer to Stages Link
  • Coaching portal available via Stages Link
  • Compatible with all 3rd party sensors utilising ANT+ and Bluetooth protocols
  • Dash files are compatible with Stages Link, Strava, Training Peaks, Map My Ride, etc
  • Dash utilises North American and GLONASS protocols for GPS
  • Courses can be loaded onto Dash via Stages Link, which will provide an overlay on the breadcrumb map
  • Push notifications for turn-by-turn directions from a Bluetooth enabled smartphone
  • Wireless updates

Please note: This head unit does not include mounting apparatus.