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CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer

CycleOps Fluid 2 Trainer

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Description: Cyclops Fluid 2 Turbo Trainer

Cyclops Fluid 2 Turbo Trainer

Go ahead, spin your wheels.
If it′s important to you to make every workout count, the Fluid2 trainer is the most valuable weapon you can add to your indoor training arsenal. Our engineers designed the Fluid 2 to capture real road feel through the use of a 2.75 lb individually precision–balanced flywheel for more momentum and stability of your rear wheel. We′ve also adjusted silicone fluid levels for better resistance and improved the position of sealed–cartridge bearings for better inertia and an ultra quiet ride that ensures increased wattage as you increase your speed. And just like riding outside, simply shift gears to increase or decrease resistance. When you spin your wheels on the Fluid2 it feels like you′re actually getting somewhere.

The science behind "road-like" feel.
Stop logging junk miles and start employing our exclusive PowerTuned technology—the result of scientific and athletic collaboration. Now riding the trainer feels more like riding on the road because your wheel accelerates and decelerates on an infinite resistance curve, just like it does outside. Professional cyclists and renowned scientist Allen Lim worked together to develop a power curve based on a hybrid of road and time trial positions, finding the point at which a speed of 25 mph overlaps with an output of 400 watts. This point of overlap is where the optimal power curve resides and is the basis for PowerTuned technology. By training on a PowerTuned curve, you benefit from the most true-to-life speed verses power contingency, no matter what speed you ride at.

The only trainer you′ll ever need.
PowerTuned technology isn′t the only reason why the Fluid2 is the best trainer on the market. We believe you should have as much faith in your training tools as you do in yourself, which is why the Fluid2, like all of our trainers, is backed by a lifetime warranty. That′s also why it′s constructed from sturdy, 2–inch round, 16–gauge steel and has adjustable footpads for stability no matter what surface you′re on. For fast bike set–up, our exclusive quick–load cam lever lets you return immediately to the same resistance level of your last ride. And with folding legs for easy storage and an included training DVD the only thing hard about the Fluid2 is the workout you get while you′re on it.

• The CycleOps Fluid² “Best in Class” trainer! With its Power Band Technology, this trainer cannot be beat! This season sees the addition of a new quick load cam lever for ease of placing & removing the bike from the trainer.
• Featuring a new larger fly wheels with twice the inertia of previous models for improved road-like feel
• Exclusive Power Band Technology gives you access to a wide range – form easy spins to lung burning climbs without ever touching the unit
• Infinite resistance curve ensures increased wattage as you increase speed
• Quick load cam lever for easy resistance unit attachment with Skewer included
• Patented design delivered an ultra quiet ride and the most road like feel
• Self cooling mechanisms, including a patented fan design to keep the unit performing better for longer.
• No adjustment or external shifting device required
• Resistance level automatically changes on unit
• New Matt grey powder coated main frame with wide angle legs for all round durability and stability
• Full range of Accessories available
• Including ‘Race Day’ training multi-region DVD included with trainer (RRP £25)
• Lifetime Manufacturers Warranty